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Benefits to post your tutorials on code.broker

At first, this website is a very simple blog created to share some tutorials. We opened it to contributors to share more free tutorials and extend collaborations between developers. We are all passionate developers that want to share their work, their resources and their questions.

We are a small community of developers and we are very active to share tips and helpyou if you have questions.

Share code easily on code.broker

Our platform let you write and share code easily, thanks to the content editor TinyMCE and the code editor EnlightJS.

Moderations of the posts

Every posts, tutorials and forum questions are going to be checked by our team. We will potentially correct your post or translate it. After you post a tutorial, you will always be able to change the content of your post, or delete it.

You just need to follow some rules :

  • Please write your tutorials with simple sentences.
  • We only accept relevant links on contributions, so don’t add too many links.
  • We don’t accept commercial posts, but you can write a tutorial on your own tools or technologies.

If you want to introduce a new tool or a new technology, please go to this page.

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